Hot Rod Engine

hot-rod-01 Hot Rod Power Tour Engine Bays – Dressed To Kill

Speed and style—the cornerstones of a lifestyle that drives every hot rodder to turn a wrench on his car. Whether we are rockin’ a junkyard 305 or a tunnel-port 427, we have to accessorize and modify for more power and attention. Nailing the right look and sound while maintaining reliability isn’t easy, especially in a car that actually sees road [...]

hot-rod-05 Start Your Engine! How to Get A New Engine to Fire On The First Crank.

When you start your engine for the first time whether it’s a new engine or a rebuild is the most important starting of that engine in it’s life. It will have a lot of affect on the life of the engine, especially the cam. You need to get the engine running immediately and get that oil pressure up. Unless you [...]

hot-rod-02 582CI Big Block Chevy Engine Build – 1,164 HP Without A Power-Adder – Engine Buildup

NHRA Pro Stock racing is the end-all, be-all class for flexing the might of a big-block race engine. With no power-adders allowed, this is the class in which a huge budget, massive engineering efforts, and ingenuity rule the roost and the guy with the most power has a very real advantage over the competition. That competition has led to significant [...]

Hot Rod History

hot-rod-16 Flames, Scalames & Hot Licks

While some might say, “Real hot rods are red and have no fenders,” there’s a considerable contingent of hot rodders who believe that “Real hot rods are powerfully propelled and have flames abundantly displayed on their hoods and fenders.” As a growing number of enthusiasts have turned their [...]

hot-rod-17 Racing Roadster – A Survivor of the ’57 and ’58 Indy 500

It was the era of the Indy roadsters—1952-1964—a time many consider to be the glory days of the Indianapolis 500. The popularity of the event progressed nationally even when competition was more gritty and less marketed. It was still the great American race because, even though those years [...]

hot-rod-19 A Brief History of Americruise – Rods Across America

Longtime Rod & Custom readers may remember that the magazine spearheaded the first Street Rod Nationals in 1970. For that event, rodders from many areas of the country got together and caravanned to Peoria, Illinois. To the amazement of the R&C staff, 600 rodders showed up at Peoria, [...]

Hot Rod Paint & Body Work

hot-rod-14 How to Set Up HVLP Spray Guns

Ok, so you’ve bought an HVLP gun. What’s HVLP mean? How do I set up HVLP spray guns? What’s HVLP mean? An HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) gun uses a high volume of air going [...]

hot-rod-11 Working With Waterborne Paint And Other Legal Body Coverings

How To Do It Your mom was right-she knew that when you washed the kitchen floor, if you opened the front and back doors, the floor dried faster. Such is the case with today’s high-tech [...]

hot-rod-15 Primer: What To Shoot, When To Shoot, And What To Do With It.

Once you are done with your bodywork, you want to spray those areas with an epoxy primer. Epoxys and etch primers are not made to provide fill or to be sanded. They’re designed simply for [...]

hot-rod-13 Buffing Out Paint: It’s Not As Hard as You Think!

Need to do some buffing but not sure how to go about it? Has your paint seen better days? Do you need to buff out a new paint job? Does your old paint have swirl [...]

hot-rod-12 Repairing Rust the Right Way.

Repairing rust… More than likely you’re going to have to fix some rust at some point. If you live in the northern states it’s guaranteed. In repairing rust you’re gonna need a welder. There’s only [...]